Erotic massage

Massage is a mechanical and reflex impact on body parts or the body as a whole. There are dozens of techniques and hundreds of massage techniques that can heal your sick body, relax, energize, relieve tension, and relieve pain. For classical massage, various oils, gels, ointments, and other preparations are used. However, experts prefer oils. The properly selected oil made of natural ingredients can enhance or complement the massage effect.
Many massage techniques allow you to try something new every time. However, erotic massage is the most popular today.

Erotic massage for men and women

Erotic massage can be implemented in several forms. These are some of> The massage is performed by a partially or completely naked girl who interacts with a man with her whole body (slides over him, etc.),
A man or a woman (masseur) makes a relaxing massage moving to the client’s genitals to direct stimulate them (with or without an orgasm),
A masseur does a massage in the genital area, directly stimulating all erogenous zones (with an orgasm),
The massage is done by a partially or completely naked girl to enhance the aesthetic pleasure,
The massage stimulating the genitals and anus

Relaxing massage and sex.

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