Looking for a sponsor

How to find a Sponsor

Every modern woman knows her own worth in every sense of the word. Beauty is the force that makes many men lose their heads and do all possible to get closer to it. Particularly demanding and wealthy men have an image of an ideal beauty queen in their heads. In order to get closer to their ideal woman, such men are ready to spend money and bring all the best gifts to the princess’ feet. This is how such a phenomenon as acquaintance with material support – sponsorship – emerged in the modern world. A man, realizing his financial viability, is ready to share it with an attractive woman in return for gratitude, intimacy, friendship, or for nothing. Contrary to the established stereotypes, the material support is not based on exchanging sex for money. Quite often there are real patrons who are ready to lend a helping hand and help the fairer sex.
The world does not stand still. On thematic websites you can find not only male, but also female sponsors who also appreciate the beauty of the opposite sex and are ready to become a sponsor on individual terms. You can meet generous and carefree people on our portal.

Looking for Sponsor

A sponsor is a person who provides financial support without intending to obtain benefit or profit. Despite this cynical definition, neither the sponsor nor the kept woman becomes less human. You should always remember that first of all you are a person, not an object to be used. As a rich man, you do not buy a woman, her beauty and sexuality and do not become her complete owner. This also applies to women looking for financial support: men with money are not wallets, but real people with feelings and emotions. Remembering such simple truth, you can find a pleasant company and fully enjoy communication with the opposite sex. Ads with the text “Looking for a sponsor” are quite common in Tallinn, Tartu, and Pärnu. This says about the popularity of the supply and the existing demand. There are profiles of young and beautiful women who are looking for a carefree life or a way out of a difficult life situation. Each potential kept woman has her own story and her own goal of relationship with a wealthy person. Benefit is not always the key point, because there are many cases when sponsors lost their heads and felt in love with a woman.